Personal Injury Attorneys

When you are hurt through no fault of your own and you have no idea where to turn, the seasoned hand of a personal injury attorney can point you in the right direction. You may suffer injuries at work, on someone else's property, in your car or simply walking down the street. Regardless of where you are hurt, you need to seek advice from the Lakeland or Brandon personal injury attorneys of Pilka & Associates, P.A.

When Should You Meet with Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Lakeland or Brandon

You should meet with our personal injury attorneys under the following circumstances:

  • If your injury requires you to miss work or to seek medical attention. Our personal injury attorneys in Brandon and Lakeland are able to assess your injuries and help determine who may be at fault.
  • If your injury is the result of a car or truck accident. Insurance companies will attempt to settle a case with you soon after you report the injury. You should not sign anything or accept any offers of settlement until meet with a skilled personal injury attorney.
  • If your injury is the result of simply walking on the property of a local business. The business may have neglected to maintain its parking lot or other open space property. Their negligence may be the cause of your injury and a personal injury attorney may be able to recover compensation for your injury.

Some people choose not to meet with an injury attorney after an injury because of embarrassment or fear. It can be scary walking into an attorney's office and explaining how you were injured and why you think the person who hurt you should pay for your damages. At Pilka & Associates, P.A. we strive to create a welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable talking about your injury.

An insurance company may tell you that seeing a personal injury attorney in Brandon or Lakeland is a waste of your time and money. Always keep in mind, when you are the injured person, the insurance company works for the other person. The insurance company telling you that you do not need to talk to an injury lawyer is a clear sign that you should meet with one.

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