Seeking Fair Divisions Of Retirement And Other Benefits

People work long and hard to save for the future. It is understandable that they want to protect the hard-earned benefits they have accumulated during their marriage. Spouses of primary wage earners in a household also make sacrifices. This tension can make dividing retirement savings one of the more contentious and highly fought over aspects of a divorce.

The laws governing property division in Florida are complex, and it is important that you protect your rights. If you and your spouse have significant assets saved for your retirement, it is critical to contact a skilled divorce lawyer.

At Pilka & Associates, P.A., we work closely with clients to reach fair, reasonable outcomes in disputes over pensions, retirement benefits, investment property and other complex assets. We will create a personalized plan that protects your rights and seeks a fair outcome that provides greater security for your future.

Compassionate Guidance During Difficult Times

In addition to meeting our clients' legal needs, our firm has a commitment to provide understanding, caring counsel. We know how difficult divorce is, which is why we seek to do whatever is in our power to ease any legal burdens associated with your case.

We offer affordable legal fees because we understand that family challenges and financial challenges often coincide. We are here to help you navigate through your unique family legal issues using skillful negotiation techniques and strength in litigation. Not every case demands time in court, but we prepare to argue your case in trial if necessary to achieve a fair outcome.

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