Knowledgeable Lawyers Regarding Car Accident Cases

A lawyer's experience can vary in great degrees and that experience can shape their ability to advise you on specific cases. The car accident lawyers of Pilka & Associates, P.A., have a great deal of experience working on cases that involved two car or multicar accidents. This varied experience is what has prepared our Florida car accident lawyers for the unexpected twists and turns of a lawsuit.

Part of preparing for a lawsuit involving a car accident injury in Brandon, Lakeland, or the surrounding area, is understanding the local insurance carriers and their tendency to settle or go to trial for specific types of injuries. Our car accident lawyers at Pilka & Associates, P.A., have negotiated with all the major carriers and are prepared to help you through the litigation process.

Providing Advice And Guidance To Help You Recover

When you seek the advice of a car accident lawyer at our Brandon or Lakeland office, we at Pilka & Associates, P.A., you will find that the advice is based upon years of experience. While other firms may convince their clients to settle a case early, our attorneys know that this is entirely your decision and will lay out all of your options. Our car accident lawyers in Lakeland and Brandon are able to effectively explain the pluses and minuses of a settlement offer, especially when compared to the uncertainty of a trial. A car accident injury should not be taken lightly and your attorney should be experienced in developing a case for you.

Our Lakeland and Brandon car accident lawyers are prepared to explain the legal process to you and ensure that you are comfortable with the pace of your case. We have built our reputation on providing proactive advice and efficiently moving your case along the litigation pipeline. The attorneys at Pilka & Associates, P.A., work to keep you involved in the case so that you always know where it is and what the next step will be.

A Car Accident Lawyer You Can Trust

Our car accident attorneys are dedicated to providing effective and efficient representation. Call Pilka & Associates, P.A., in our Brandon or Lakeland, Florida, law offices at 863-236-9321, 813-502-1097, or contact us through this website.