Helping Injured Individuals Recover In The Courtroom

The insurance company does not work for you. After an injury, the insurance companies involved will attempt to minimize your injuries and convince you that you do not deserve compensation for the injury their client caused. The insurance company may attempt to convince you that there is no need for you to hire an attorney or file a lawsuit that they will take care of everything for you.

An insurance company will work hard to avoid having to make any payments to you, even when their client is the cause of your injury. When an insurance company attempts to contact you, keep in mind that they are not looking out for your best interests, they are looking out for their own bottom line. It is their goal to avoid a personal injury lawsuit in Florida.

Providing You All Of Your Legal Options

An experienced Brandon or Lakeland, Florida, lawyer is able to assess your case and discuss what legal options are available to you. These options can include:

  • A Brandon, Lakeland or surrounding area personal injury lawsuit that is brought to a trial
  • A personal injury settlement in Brandon, Lakeland or surrounding area
  • A partially negotiated settlement: This often occurs when both sides of a litigation agree as to who was at fault but cannot reach an agreement on the compensation owed to the injured party

The Brandon, Lakeland injury attorneys at Pilka & Associates, P.A., are able to evaluate your injuries and determine what amount of compensation you deserve in your personal injury lawsuit in throughout the west coast and Central Florida. Soon after you are injured, you should seek out a personal injury attorney who will be able to explain to you the time constraints on filing personal injury lawsuits in Brandon, Lakeland or surrounding areas.

Understanding the geographic area where the injury occurred can often be a factor in determining a fair and accurate settlement amount. Our Florida injury lawsuit attorneys keep track of the amounts awarded to victims of similar injuries. Often these amounts will be the beginning of the negotiated personal injury settlement amount or will be the amount sought in personal injury lawsuits in Brandon, Lakeland or surrounding areas in Florida.

What's Important To You Regarding Your Injury Lawsuit

Often the most important question, when you are injured, is: How will I pay my medical bills? Or how will I make up for my lost pay while I am out of work? These are important questions and can be answered by Brandon and Lakeland personal injury attorneys. Our attorneys work hard to win your injury lawsuit and will always put your interests first.

Reach Out To Our Law Firm

Our personal injury attorneys strive toward providing efficient and effective representation. Call Pilka & Associates, P.A., in our Brandon or Lakeland, Florida, law offices at 863-236-9321 or 813-502-1097 or contact us through this website. We serve clients throughout the Tampa Bay region, the west coast and Central Florida.