Helping Seriously Injured Individuals Recover

At Pilka & Associates, P.A., we have made a name for ourselves in the Lakeland and Brandon, Florida, areas for our strong advocacy of personal injury plaintiffs. While many law firms may convince their clients to take the first settlement offer, the attorneys at Pilka & Associates, P.A., know that this may not be in your best interest. We work hard to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to for your injury.

Providing A Wide Range Of Personal Injury Representation

Pilka & Associates, P.A., has a strong understanding of the Florida personal injury laws and is able to take on a wide range of personal injury cases such as:

  • Auto accidents: In an auto accident, time is of the essence for the collection of evidence and police reports. Seeking the help of an attorney who understands personal injury law in Lakeland and Brandon, will make it possible for you to begin the process of collecting the damages owed for your injury.
  • Slip-and-fall cases: Typically a slip-and-fall injury is the result of a business failing to maintain its property. While you are minding your own business and simply walking, a defect in the property results in an injury that requires medical help.
  • Trucking accidents: Trucking accidents present their own complexities. When you are involved in an accident that is caused by or merely involves a tractor-trailer, your strategy may drastically change. The truck driver has additional rules to abide by while he is driving and an attorney can help determine which of these rules may have been ignored in causing your accident.
  • Medical malpractice injuries: When a doctor makes a mistake that results in an injury to his or her patient, personal injury laws provide for specific and different rules of litigation. The complaint may need to be filed sooner than in a more traditional lawsuit and you may need to find a doctor to provide an expert's opinion on your case.
  • Workplace injuries: Most workplace injuries are covered by workmen's compensation insurance, which provides that if you are eligible for workmen's compensation you may not be able to bring a personal injury suit. The attorneys at Pilka & Associates, P.A., can help determine which option is available to you under Brandon or Lakeland injury law and which is your best option to choose.

Personal injury laws in Florida can be complex and tedious for a person to understand. When you are injured, you need attorneys who know how to prepare for a personal injury trial with the compassion of an old friend. The attorneys at Pilka & Associates, P.A., bring their experience with Brandon and Lakeland injury law to your case and their compassion to you.

Our attorneys will explain to you all of your legal options as provided in the Florida personal injury laws and help you to make the best decision possible without interfering with your right to make decisions about the case.

Fighting For Injured People

Our serious personal injury lawyers in Brandon and Lakeland are motivated to provide the most effective and efficient representation possible. Call Pilka & Associates, P.A., in our Brandon or Lakeland, Florida, law offices at 863-236-9321 or contact us by email.