Commercial And Residential Real Estate Attorneys With Attention To Detail

Our attorneys have extensive experience in both commercial and residential real estate — legal issues we have handled for more than 25 years. Our practice encompasses basic buy-sell transactions for families buying their first homes, as well as larger, more complex sales of commercial property. Clients value both our legal knowledge and our familiarity with Florida's real estate markets.

Representation Concerning Residential Real Estate Issues

We represent people buying and selling residential property in West and Central Florida, helping them enter into sound, strong contracts that protect their rights and meet their goals. As part of our construction law practice, we also represent builders, developers and contractors in need of legal assistance related to the building or development of a home.

We frequently assist landlords and tenants with their legal issues, and we have a strong background in the law governing homeowners associations and condominium associations.

Commercial Transaction Assistance

In a commercial setting, we represent business owners and directors in real estate transactions to support their broader business strategy. We work closely with commercial landlords to navigate matters involving titles, zoning, leases and disputes with tenants.

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If you are about to enter into a real estate transaction, working with an experienced lawyer can mean the difference between success and failure. We will not only help your transaction go smoothly; we will provide you with proactive, insightful advice to help minimize your risks.

To learn more about our experience in real estate, please contact us in Brandon at 863-236-9321 or in Lakeland at 813-502-1097. We would love to meet with you and begin helping you meet your real estate goals.