Seasoned Real Estate Litigators

Since 1987, the attorneys of Pilka & Associates, P.A., have provided dynamic, knowledgeable advice and representation to residential and commercial property owners facing a variety of real estate disputes.

Experience In Resolving Real Estate Disputes

We help our clients resolve real estate disputes involving:

  • Purchase-sale contracts and options, including acquisition and rescission
  • Secured loans, including foreclosure, receivership, guaranty enforcement and disbursement issues, as well as lender liability and bad faith claims
  • Management and operating agreements, including for property owners associations
  • Ownership structures
  • Title matters, including bona fide purchaser/encumbrancer status, lien and ownership priority, easement rights, mechanic's lien rights, adverse possession and other prescriptive rights, and accretion/erosion issues
  • Commercial leases, including eviction and forcible detainer actions, and rights of first refusal matters
  • Major construction disputes, including subsidence, excavation, general contractor and subcontractor disputes
  • Entitlement and other development matters
  • Eminent domain disputes, including litigation regarding fair market value, right to take disputes, urban redevelopment issues and relocation

In most cases, we help our clients pursue a collaborative course of action designed to meet their goals and encourage cooperation with all parties. However, when that is not in our clients' best interests, our lawyers are prepared to litigate aggressively on their behalf.

Contact Our Real Estate Litigation Attorneys Today

From our offices in Brandon and Lakeland, Florida, we serve clients throughout the Tampa area, Florida's west coast and Central Florida. To learn more about our approach to litigation, please contact us in Brandon at 863-236-9321 or in Lakeland at 813-502-1097. We would love to meet with you and begin helping you meet your real estate goals.