What happens to my engagement ring when I divorce?

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When couples divorce, as you imagine, splitting up assets can get quite contentious, especially if the assets that are being fought over are expensive, sentimental or rare. In the case of a wedding or engagement ring, it can easily be described as all of the above. With that in mind, you’re probably wondering how it’s handled then when property is divided up.

Although it might make sense to your husband that, as the original purchaser, he should once again retain ownership, judges often don’t interpret the law the same way. They generally think of an engagement ring as a gift that was given by the man to his prospective wife in exchange for her promising to marry him. As a result, they’re often unwilling to require the recipient to hand over the gift.

One instance in which the female may be asked to turn the ring over to her partner, though, is if she gets cold feet before the two of you ever get an opportunity to walk down the aisle. If that happens, it increases the likelihood of the judge asking you to give up your ring. That’s not set in stone, however. A judge may not view the ring as a type of conditional gift.

It’s also highly unlikely that you’ll be asked to turn over a store- or boutique-bought ring because you were married for a short period of time or he spent a lot of money on it.

You, however, are likely to be ordered to turn over your engagement or wedding ring to your ex if it can be shown that the ring was a family heirloom.

If you’re getting divorced and your ex is threatening to reel in all the jewelry he got you while you’ve been together, a Brandon, Florida , property division attorney can counsel you in your legal matter.

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