Complexities of property division require serious thought

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2018 | Property Division |

Trying to divide the property that you amassed during a marriage is often difficult. You and your ex each probably have a list of what you think you should get. Those lists might overlap and this is where the issues start since both parties can’t usually walk away with the same assets. We can help you find out what options you have so that you might be able to work something out with your ex.

Some facets of property division are more complex than others. Just last week, we discussed some points about art valuation in divorce cases. As you can imagine, these assets would be rather difficult to divide, especially if there are collections of works.

We can help you review the possible division options that you have for your case. When you are in the midst of this process, you might start to think emotionally about everything. The memories of certain assets might come up and you won’t be able to think from a practical standpoint. This might be a disaster in a divorce.

You must take the time to think about how the property division offers can help and harm you. Looking at everything in this manner might help you to make decisions that you feel are in your best interests. We can help you look beyond the immediate impacts of the division possibilities.

As you’re working these details out with your ex, you need to make sure that you are keeping your rights protected. We will stay right here next to you throughout the process to help you learn your options and keep things on track.