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February 2019 Archives

Keep down the costs of divorce with negotiation

Financially, you will notice the difference before and after a divorce. In some cases, you might be better off, but in the majority of cases, people find they're spending more to support themselves since they don't have their spouses to help with household costs and other expenses.

Resigning from a guardianship: Your options

One thing that some people may need to handle is restoring a ward's capacity after a period of time where they had to have a guardian. As a guardian, you'll need to pass off the guardianship responsibilities correctly. Failing to do so can result in legal trouble.

Understand your right to spousal support in Florida

Spousal support is an important protection for those who earned less throughout a marriage or who have fewer opportunities for work immediately after divorce. The support is designed to help people boost their income following a divorce and to support them as they go back to school or find work.

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