Keep down the costs of divorce with negotiation

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Financially, you will notice the difference before and after a divorce. In some cases, you might be better off, but in the majority of cases, people find they’re spending more to support themselves since they don’t have their spouses to help with household costs and other expenses.

Even when a divorce is amicable, the reality is that it can be costly. Both people may agree on the majority of the property division details and still struggle to make this an inexpensive process. Why? Florida ‘s laws have been designed to safeguard marriages and preserve them when possible. The court will want proof that the marriage is irretrievably broken or that at least one person in the couple is mentally incapacitated for the three-year period before filing for divorce.

What can you do to reduce the cost of your divorce?

Reducing the cost of your divorce comes down to doing as much as you can on your own. For example, if you and your spouse can agree on your property division arrangements, then you can give those to your attorneys without needing further negotiation. If you can’t agree, then you may want to look into mediation or arbitration to help keep costs down.

The thing that significantly raises the price of a divorce is stubbornness. If you and your spouse can work on coming to agreements rather than a standstill, you’ll be better able to address your divorce and come up with solutions that cost less in the long run. Our site has more information on how you can get the divorce you want while managing your budget.