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What are some common time-sharing plans?

Getting the right time-sharing agreement for your child after a separation or divorce is essential to helping them feel comfortable after you separate from your spouse. Even though you're no longer together, you and your estranged spouse should work together to create a time-sharing agreement that works in the best interests of your child.

It isn't always easy to come up with time-sharing solutions, but there are a few clever options that some parents have relied on in the past. For example, there is the 5-2 method, the 7-7 method and the 3-4-4-3 method.

With a 5-2 method, you have five days where the child spends their time with one parent, then two with the other. This is best for situations in which one parent is the primary custodian.

Another option is a 7-7 plan. With a 7-7 plan, your child spends seven days with you, then seven days at their other home. It's simple to remember, which makes it a popular choice.

The other popular option, the 3-4-4-3 plan, your child spends equal time with each parent, but the days switch. One week, you'll have 3 days, then the next, you'll have four.

Each of these parenting plans can be successful if they work with the parents' or guardians' schedules. If these don't fit your needs, know that there are dozens of different options that you can come up with that suit your time-sharing needs. Your attorney can help you negotiate for the right plan and make it official once you both decide on a plan you want to implement.

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