Children can make your divorce complex: Get help

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When it comes to your family, you’d do anything to make sure you stay together. Unfortunately, your spouse is the one who came to you seeking a divorce. Now, your children have already been informed and have been crying over what they don’t understand, all while you’re trying to cope with the shock of the situation.

Your concern is that this came out of the blue. Your spouse suddenly announced they wanted a divorce at dinner, and now, here you are, picking up the pieces. The stress is unimaginable, but you can cope with it and get through the divorce in one piece.

With children, divorces are always more complex

You should know that divorces are always going to be more complex when you have children involved. You will have to come up with custody arrangements so that you can both spend time with them. If your spouse doesn’t want custody, they may allow you to set up a plan, but that also puts a large amount of stress on your shoulders as a single parent.

Remember, talk about both spousal support and child support. If your spouse is leaving, they may be willing to negotiate a larger sum of spousal support or even a greater sum of assets. If you’ll both share joint custody, you may still be able to get these supports to help you provide more for yourself and for your child in the future.

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