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Relationships change: Coping with outsiders during divorce

Divorces are hard for everyone, but one thing that is true is that everyone reacts differently. Whether it's your mom and dad who are frustrated over the end of your marriage or a friend who tells you that they are so excited you finally realized you didn't belong together, it can be a shock to your system when you finally talk to others about getting a divorce.

Get a legal separation to separate yourself from your spouse

You and your spouse have been having more fights lately, and you've decided that a trial separation may be a good idea. This trial separation could be the date you use to show the court when you separated if you later decide to divorce, so it is important that you remember the date that you or your spouse move out of your home.

Children can make your divorce complex: Get help

When it comes to your family, you'd do anything to make sure you stay together. Unfortunately, your spouse is the one who came to you seeking a divorce. Now, your children have already been informed and have been crying over what they don't understand, all while you're trying to cope with the shock of the situation.

What are some common time-sharing plans?

Getting the right time-sharing agreement for your child after a separation or divorce is essential to helping them feel comfortable after you separate from your spouse. Even though you're no longer together, you and your estranged spouse should work together to create a time-sharing agreement that works in the best interests of your child.

Children should be involved in divorce discussions: Here's why

Children often have a difficult time understanding why their parents no longer want to be together. In some cases, they may believe that it's their fault that their parents argue or don't want to be in a relationship any longer, especially if the child has problems in school or problematic behaviors.

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