Divorce lessons from the Pitt-Jolie split

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Florida fans of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may have heard some of the speculation whirling around their divorce. It has been speculated that the two had a prenuptial agreement since both have been married before and each brought their own considerable assets into the marriage. However, even with a prenuptial agreement, the process of untangling financially could take months.

Pitt and Jolie have been together since 2004, and in that time, they have collectively earned around $555 million. However, they have only been married since 2014. Prior to their marriage, they purchased homes in France and New Orleans, so those homes will not be considered shared marital property. It is anticipated that the terms for property division will be set out in a prenup. If this is not the case, under California community property law, the assets will be divided evenly. Pitt has been the higher earner since the two married. His total has been around $76.5 million while Jolie has earned just over half that much.

Jolie has asked for full physical custody of the couple’s children. Pitt will be required to pay child support if they live with Jolie more than half the time. If each child spends the same amount of time with each parent, child support will not be required.

Even couples who do not have the complicated financial and family lives of Pitt and Jolie may struggle over issues like property division, child custody and support. A Hillsborough County high asset divorce firm may be able to assist an individual in separating emotional decisions from practical ones. For example, a person might want to keep the house, but upkeep may be too expensive. A parent might struggle with the idea of only seeing their children half the time, but joint custody may be better for the children.