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Why careful estate planning is needed when you have multiple kids

A comprehensive and well-thought-out estate plan doesn't just benefit the person who's developing the plan. It also benefits their family. In fact, you could argue that estate planning is more for the benefit of those who will be left behind. With careful planning and good communication, you can reduce the work, conflict and uncertainty that you're loved ones will have to deal with after your death.

If you have children, it's particularly important to try not to do something -- or neglect to do something -- that will create a rift in their relationships when they need each other the most. Even siblings who typically get along can become estranged over money and other issues surrounding their parents' death.

Trouble with a homeowner's association? You can fight back

You and your homeowner's association (HOA) have always been on good terms, but lately, you've felt like you're a target. You had a notice to take down the shutters you put on your house, because they didn't match the neighbors. You were asked not to build a playhouse in your yard.

You feel like your HOA has gone too far, and you believe that you're being harassed at this point. What should you do? Can you pursue legal help and sue or ask them to cease what they're doing?

1 killed in DUI crash involving allegedly impaired driver

Many people are fortunate enough to survive collisions. For those who don't, it's important for their families and loved ones to get the closure they need. For some, that means holding the responsible party accountable for financial losses. For others, it means filing a wrongful death claim.

Every case is different, but they're all tragic. Earlier this month, a 22-year-old man was arrested for hitting a bicyclist in Tampa and leaving the scene. The driver was traveling in a Jeep Wrangler when he hit a cyclist who was riding on the shoulder. That cyclist died from his injuries.

The coronavirus could actually help your estate plan

The coronavirus has placed the world on alert. It has hurt stocks and shocked Wall Street. There is a silver lining to this economic frustration, though, and that is that it can be helpful in some ways.

Stocks are declining, and that can be scary for people with significant investments. However, it could be good for your estate plans. How? This is a financial planning opportunity that you might not see again soon.

Drowsiness is a problem following Daylight Savings Time

It's the time of year when the time changes and people don't get enough sleep. Every year, twice a year, the time change impacts the way people work and interact. During March each year, time rolls forward an hour, meaning that you're more likely to be awake longer and have to get up earlier during the day of the time change and need to adjust to the time change in the days that follow.

That might not seem like a big deal, and it's not for some people. However, if you need to get up early or have a tight schedule, you could find that you have a harder time doing so and feel drowsy throughout the day. That drowsiness can lead to major accidents, especially if you need to drive or operate heavy machinery.

2 killed in scooter crash with alleged drunk driver

When drivers aren't traveling in a safe manner, it's reasonable to want to hold them accountable for their actions. Take, for example, a case out of South Florida in which an alleged drunk driver was speeding at over 110 mph when he hit two people on a scooter.

The crash, which took place at around 1:30 a.m., took the lives of both people on the scooter. The driver did stay at the scene, but he claimed that he had not seen the scooter.

Here are 4 fast facts to know about probate administration

Your loved one passed away, and you expected you might be the executor. They never talked about it with you, and you never had to help them in that way during life. You were not surprised, though, when you were informed that you had the role.

Now, you need to figure out how to handle and distribute the estate. Here are four fast facts that may help.

How can you manage your pets in a divorce?

As you go through a divorce, you make plans for your children and figure out how to divide your assets. One thing that hasn't been decided on, though, is how you're going to split time with your family pets.

You have two dogs, and they enjoy playing together. Both of your new homes are smaller, so neither you or your spouse are sure where your pets should go. You just know that you don't want to rehome them, and you want your children to still have access to them regularly.

How can your family talk about estate planning?

It's hard to talk to your loved ones about your estate because doing so means that you have to bring up your eventual death. You know that it's going to happen, and they do, too. The problem is that no one wants to talk about it or think about it.

The problem is that you need to talk to your family about what you want to see happen with your estate. It's a depressing topic, but you want to explain yourself now so that they understand what's to come. What should you do?

Relationships change: Coping with outsiders during divorce

Divorces are hard for everyone, but one thing that is true is that everyone reacts differently. Whether it's your mom and dad who are frustrated over the end of your marriage or a friend who tells you that they are so excited you finally realized you didn't belong together, it can be a shock to your system when you finally talk to others about getting a divorce.

The changes in your relationships outside your marriage is something that you will need to handle one way or another. The best way to do that is to be prepared for the inevitable reality that not everyone will have the same opinion about your divorce as you do.

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