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What happens to my engagement ring when I divorce?

When couples divorce, as you imagine, splitting up assets can get quite contentious, especially if the assests that are being fought over are expensive, sentimental or rare. In the case of a wedding or engagement ring, it can easily be described as all of the above. With that in mind, you're probably wondering how it's handled then when property is divided up.

Although it might make sense to your husband that, as the original purchaser, he should once again retain ownership, judges often don't interpret the law the same way. They generally think of an engagement ring as a gift that was given by the man to his prospective wife in exchange for her promising to marry him. As a result, they're often unwilling to require the recipient to hand over the gift.

Practices require special considerations during a divorce

Many challenges exist when you are trying to get a divorce. In the case of professionals who are self-employed, such as doctors who have their own practice, making a plan to deal with the practice must be made a priority. The last thing that you need is to lose your practice in the property division process.

We understand that you might not be sure about what to do to save your practice. There isn't any one size fits all solution to this issue, so you need to look at the individual circumstances of the case. For example, the presence of a prenuptial agreement will affect whether you can hang on to the practice. Not having a prenuptial agreement could mean that you have to fight harder to keep what you've worked hard to build.

How to handle it when an ex isn't paying spousal support

Getting the court to order your ex-spouse to pay support was only part of the battle -- now you have to actually collect on it.

That's not always easy to do. Some ex-spouses see spousal support as "not their problem" the moment that they're no longer married -- they can get so fixated on their ex and what their ex might be doing with "their" money that they forget that they're violating a court order.

Determine what to do with the marital home in divorce

Many different decisions must be made when you are going through a divorce. One of these is what you are going to do with the marital home.

There are four options for this:

  1. Sell the home before the divorce
  2. Sell the home during the divorce
  3. One person buy out the other person's share
  4. Sell the home after the divorce

Understand how inheritances are handled in divorce

When a loved one leaves a person something in an estate, the chances are good that he or she meant for that individual to have the assets. If the person is married or gets married and that ends in divorce, the discussion about what will happen to the inheritance might come up.

There is a chance that an inheritance could be split between both parties if there is a divorce. One of the times when this might happen is when the inheritance assets are comingled with the marital assets. In this case, the court might view the inherited assets as property that can be divided. There are ways that you can protect these assets if you plan carefully.

Don't bypass the need for a prenuptial agreement

There is something very concerning about the state of many high asset marriages these days. This is the fact that many of these marriages don't have a prenuptial agreement in place. Some people might not have realized that they would need this agreement one day. What can follow is a tragedy that includes a contentious divorce settlement.

Couples who are engaged can learn a lot from watching what happens when couples divorce without a prenup. The basic lesson is that working together while you are on good terms is much easier than trying to work together when things are tense.

What does the judge consider when assigning alimony?

Spousal support is probably one of the things that divorcing couples fight over the hardest. That makes it particularly important to understand a few things about spousal support, or alimony, before you divorce.

1. Spousal support is not gender-specific. A woman can pay a man just as easily as a man can pay a woman.

How equitable distribution affects property division in Florida

When you're getting a divorce, some things seem easier to figure out than others. Property division, even when you don't think you have much to divide, can end up being more complicated than you realize.

Who gets the couch? Does the other person get the bed? Who gets the laptop? Does the other person automatically get the Kindle? What about the dishes you bought together on vacation in New Mexico?

Political unrest divides families and marriages

One of Florida's top "power couples" had everything that a lot of people dream about: health, personal recognition and plenty of material wealth -- but their marriage came to a grinding halt over their deeply held (and deeply opposing) political views.

The wife, a former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, and the husband, a successful attorney, had only been married a couple of years when the current political climate of the nation tore their marriage apart.

Should I have a forensic accountant on my divorce team?

Divorce in legal terms is mainly about the division of assets, and although it maybe be simple in theory, the reality of a high asset divorce with complex financial portfolios is anything but straightforward.

Because of this complexity, small aspects of wording in documentation can cause enough damage to create financial havoc years down the line. Therefore, it's extremely important that you look into the option of hiring a financial sub specialist as part of your team.

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