Political unrest divides families and marriages

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One of Florida ‘s top “power couples” had everything that a lot of people dream about: health, personal recognition and plenty of material wealth — but their marriage came to a grinding halt over their deeply held (and deeply opposing) political views.

The wife, a former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, and the husband, a successful attorney, had only been married a couple of years when the current political climate of the nation tore their marriage apart.

They issued a somewhat unusual press release once they came to an agreement about the terms of their divorce. The press release explained the reasons behind their split, saying that the wife was a firm Republican and the husband an equally determined Democrat. The recent presidential election left them divided and unable to either “agree to disagree” or reconcile.

The press release was also somewhat unusual in that it detailed all of the financial arrangements of the divorce. Many high-asset couples seek to keep that information private. This couple, who found themselves the target of a lot of unwanted speculation and news reports because of the politics involved, may have decided — in a final act of solidarity — that the easiest way to quash the gossip was to lay all the facts out (leaving little for speculation).

As in many high-asset divorces, there appears to be a little bit of “horse trading” going on to get to the end of the negotiations. The wife, who is financially successful in her own right and owns her own company, will receive just $100,000 of benefits, the cost of her condo’s rent for about a year, a new car and a small amount of cash. In exchange, she agreed to sign off on the divorce and end all further proceedings.

Cases like this illustrate how important it is for couples to discuss what they hold most important before they tie the knot. For some, it may be the number of children they want or where they want to live. For others, obviously, politics can become a fracture in the relationship that simply won’t heal.

This case also illustrates something else — how negotiations and a willingness to be reasonable can end a lot of unnecessary drama and let two people go on with their separate lives.

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