Don’t bypass the need for a prenuptial agreement

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There is something very concerning about the state of many high asset marriages these days. This is the fact that many of these marriages don’t have a prenuptial agreement in place. Some people might not have realized that they would need this agreement one day. What can follow is a tragedy that includes a contentious divorce settlement.

Couples who are engaged can learn a lot from watching what happens when couples divorce without a prenup. The basic lesson is that working together while you are on good terms is much easier than trying to work together when things are tense.

We understand that thinking about getting a prenup signed might not be on your list of fun things to do while you prepare for your wedding. You should realize that prenuptial agreements help to protect you and your future spouse. You aren’t predicting doom when you draw up a premarital agreement. Instead, you are making a contingency plan in case things don’t work out.

When you are making a prenuptial agreement, don’t think about only what you have today. You have to think about what you are likely to get in the future. One thing to include in the agreement is what will occur if you or your betrothed gets an inheritance from someone. You can also include information about how retirement accounts and other assets that might be forthcoming will be handled.

We can help you to determine what you should include in the premarital agreement. We can also help you to determine the options you have for discussing the prenup with your future husband or wife.