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When a homeowner’s association fails you, suing is an option

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Condo, Townhome & HOA Disputes |

There are times when suing your homeowner’s association may be in your best interests. Although it may seem like that could hurt your living conditions or make living in your community more difficult, the reality is that your relationship with the HOA should go both ways. It needs to respect you and vice-versa.

Disputes with homeowner’s associations can come up for many reasons, but they’re normally a result of being unhappy with the way the housing development is being run. Here are a few common reasons behind suing HOAs.

Funds have been misappropriated

You pay to be part of the HOA, but where will that money go? If it isn’t being used in the community, and you notice that the money is being spent on the HOA board’s needs more than anything else, it may be time to speak up.

The HOA violated your contract

Everyone’s HOA contract is a little different, but if your contract has been violated by the HOA’s actions, then you have the right to sue and set things right.

Repairs aren’t done on time or at all

Finally, when you pay an HOA, the expectation is that repairs will take place in a timely manner. If the HOA doesn’t make the necessary repairs within a reasonable time frame, then you can pursue a lawsuit or threaten a lawsuit to get the work done.

Our site has more on HOAs and what you should do if you’re having a dispute with your homeowner’s association. There are opportunities for suing and pursuing compensation for damages or the violation of your contract.


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