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1 dies, multiple people injured in crash on Highway 301

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death |

Living in Brandon, you’ve seen some serious crashes before. Unfortunately, there are many tourists and local drivers in the area, so you know that there are going to be crashes when people don’t follow the rules. Combined with holidays, like the Fourth of July weekend, collisions are often deadly.

Sadly, a child lost their life in a crash when an allegedly drunk driver caused a five-car crash on U.S. Highway 301. The driver, 52, is accused of driving under the influence and causing serious bodily injury. He is also facing charges for DUI resulting in property damage, vehicular homicide and other crimes.

The news reported that the crash happened when the man, driving a Ford Ranger, attempted to pass two vehicles. They were stopped for traffic near Bloomingdale Avenue.

As he attempted to pass, he is said to have sideswiped both vehicles, continuing on into an intersection where he hit a van. His truck rolled before striking a Ford Mustang.

The child who passed away was inside the mini-van at the time of the crash. Other passengers in the vehicle, including her mother, father and two siblings were also injured in the collision.

This kind of crash is completely avoidable, which is what makes it so tragic. Many people were hurt, and a child lost her life as a result of a driver’s actions.

If you’re involved in a crash and lose a loved one or suffer severe injuries, you should know that you may have a case against the driver. You may be able to seek compensation for what you’ve been put through and be able to get the justice that you and your family deserve for a loved one’s wrongful death.


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