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Inadequate parking garage security could have devastating results

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Owners of parking garages nationwide, including in Florida, are responsible for the public’s safety who use the facility. Without adequate security, predators can lurk in various hiding spots on the lookout for victims. Assault, kidnapping, rape and even murder happen in parking garages nationwide. 

Examples of incidents in parking garages across the country 

A Florida woman was pushed into her car by a man who assaulted and raped her. The property owner reportedly said he could not afford surveillance equipment and staff to monitor it. 

A man called out to a woman as she got out of her car after parking it. He indicated a problem with her vehicle, and as she took a step toward him to look, he grabbed her. He forced her back into the car, but the victim valiantly kicked and fought until he ran off. Although this woman was not kidnapped, raped and murdered, the emotional trauma she suffered may have been enormous. 

Some predators act as Good Samaritans, and it is not only women whom they target. When a friendly man offered to help a senior man carry his purchases to his car, he was grateful. However, it was a ruse because the “Good Samaritan” pulled a gun, and after robbing the older man, he forced the victim to drive him to the other side of town. 

In many cases, victims are distracted when they are attacked. A man received a call from his girlfriend while she walked to her car in a parking garage. The call ended abruptly, and all his efforts to get her back on the phone failed. Her body was later found where the parking garage predator had dumped her after he raped and murdered her. 

Legal options to recover damages 

Victims of parking garage assaults in Florida could pursue medical expense recovery, along with lost wages and other financial losses. A successful premises liability lawsuit could also cover emotional damages. While the property owner would be the defendant in this lawsuit, the victim could also pursue additional recovery by filing a personal injury suit against the attacker, regardless of the outcome of criminal charges. 


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