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Drownings in backyard pools are preventable

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Wrongful Death |

With the seasons changing, parents and children in Florida will be eager to spend time outdoors. Get-togethers at backyard swimming pools will pose risks of drownings. A mother in another state explained the ongoing trauma she experienced while caring for her son, a near-drowning victim in 2020. 

A drowning could happen in minutes 

The woman said they were celebrating a birthday at a family member’s house in March 2020. She suddenly realized her 19-month-old son was not with her. It was no more than a few minutes from when she last saw him, and everybody looked for him inside the house. Unfortunately, no one thought of checking outside, and by the time they did, it was almost too late. 

When they came upon the toddler, he was floating in the swimming pool, already unconscious. She noted that drowning is nothing like what the movies portray. She pointed out that drowning is a quick, quiet event that happens without yelling and splashing. They failed to revive the boy at the pool and rushed him to a hospital. By that time, he had been without a heartbeat for about 45 minutes. 

The consequences 

The toddler survived the near-drowning. However, the significant period of oxygen starvation caused an anoxic brain injury. Subsequently, he cannot control speech and motor skills. His parents are pursuing all available avenues, some of which involve expensive experimental therapies. Unfortunately, health insurance does not cover such treatments. 

The child’s mother is now advocating for more comprehensive health insurance options and educating others to help prevent similar tragedies. Homeowners are typically responsible for the safety of visitors, including around backyard swimming pools. If a similar accident happens in Florida, a premises liability lawsuit may be viable. Although navigating such a lawsuit is complicated, damage recovery for past and future expenses is possible. 


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