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Sharing the Florida roads with big rigs is dangerous

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Passenger vehicle occupants are typically worse off in collisions involving commercial vehicles like tractor-trailers, semis and 18-wheelers. The sheer difference in size puts smaller vehicle drivers at higher risks. However, car drivers can take precautions to stay safe when sharing the Florida highways with big rigs. 

Some of the most catastrophic car vs. truck accidents happen when cars are in the no-zones around large trucks. Truckers have large blind-spot zones where they cannot see smaller cars. These massive vehicles are also significantly less maneuverable than cars, and motorists who fail to give trucks enough space and stopping distances could find themselves in trouble. 

Safety precautions for drivers of passenger vehicles 

Many lives can be saved if car and truck drivers consider each other and share the road responsibly. The following precautions can prevent accidents: 

  • Avoid lingering in the trucker’s blind spots. 
  • Indicate the intention to pass when the driver is visible in the side view mirror. 
  • Do not pass large trucks on downhills because that is when they pick up speed. 
  • Accelerate to pass and only move into the left lane when the truck is visible in the rear view mirror. 
  • Avoid tailgating a truck because it is one of the truck’s blind spots. If the truck stops suddenly, tailgating could cause the car to land up underneath it. 
  • Allow extra space for large trucks to make wide turns. 

When motorists and truckers are considerate of each other on the Florida roads, many accidents could be prevented. However, in a car vs. truck accident caused by the truck drivers’ negligence, the injured car occupants could pursue financial relief through the Florida civil justice system. Personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits could bring the victims or surviving family members economic and emotional damage recovery. 


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