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How can defensive driving prevent accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Drivers in Florida put their lives on the line whenever they take to the road. This is because even the safest drivers never know when they will cross the roads of negligent or reckless drivers. Defensive driving is the only way drivers can anticipate potential risks posed by other drivers and prevailing conditions. 

The goal of defensive driving is to assume that other drivers do not pay attention or drive carefully. Defensive drivers’ ability to reach their destinations safely depends on their level headedness, perspective and preparation for any trip. A defensive driver’s safety starts even before departure. 

Advance planning 

One of the most important parts of planning involves weather conditions. Knowing what weather to expect can help defensive drivers allow extra time for the trip to avoid rushing. It can also help a driver to be prepared to slow down before making tight turns and driving in a lane next to the shoulder to have space if necessary in emergencies. 

Never stop scanning the surroundings 

Constant scanning will prevent the need to say, “I never saw that car coming.” Always scan in all directions. Know what to expect by scanning intersections upon approach and check the mirrors continuously. Defensive drivers typically anticipate where a moving vehicle will be after several seconds instead of its position at that moment. 

Brake early 

Defensive drivers always leave extra space between them and vehicles ahead of them. Because they scan the surroundings all the time, they can brake early. That prevents rear-ending another car, and the brake lights give vehicles behind a timely heads up, allowing them to do the same. 

While defensive driving could avoid most accidents, there is no way to anticipate the actions of all the drivers  that share the roads they travel. If injuries are suffered in unanticipated car accidents, victims might have grounds to file personal injury lawsuits to pursue financial relief. Navigating such a lawsuit in a Florida civil court could be complicated, but a monetary judgment may cover documented financial and emotional damages with proof of negligence. 



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