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HOA problems leave homeowners with serious problems

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Condo, Townhome & HOA Disputes |

One of the main responsibilities of a homeowner’s association is to maintain certain common areas throughout the community, including any neighborhood playground. This includes mowing the grass in some places, doing regular landscaping and keeping parks in reasonable condition. When an HOA does not fulfill their duty to the residents, it can be a complicated situation for all involved.


One homeowner in another state felt confident about the condition of the neighborhood when she moved into her home. Residents of this community pay almost $300 per year per household to the HOA for costs associated with maintenance and upkeep. It became evident that certain tasks were not being done, and the community park and playground equipment fell into disrepair. Residents also noted the playground equipment was not actually commercial grade but was likely for private use.

As homeowners sought answers from the community leaders, they learned some troubling facts about the situation. The HOA was not properly founded or formally organized, and neighborhood covenants were not being appropriately executed. A law firm has been hired to help residents understand how they can protect their community and compel the HOA to meet its requirements.

Concerned residents

In Florida neighborhoods with an HOA, there is an expectation that the governing body will take care of the community and fulfill its obligations to residents. Concerned residents have the right speak out when this does not happen, including seeking legal counsel. It may be necessary to take these steps to protect the interests of the entire neighborhood.


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