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Orthopedic injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents

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Although Florida does not usually experience inclement weather other than heavy rain, the potential for slip-and-fall accidents still exists for many of the state’s residents. Businesses and property owners have the responsibility of making sure their premises are safe for all who visit their property, and they should keep sidewalks, entrances and other areas free of debris and other items that could cause a person to slip, trip or fall. Here are some of the most common injuries seen in slip-and-fall accidents.

Typical slip-and-fall accident injuries

Most commonly, the injuries associated with slip-and-fall accidents occur in the legs, arms, wrists and hips of the victims. Victims can suffer broken bones along with sprains, muscles tears, bruising, lacerations and other injuries. Sometimes, a victim may not realize the full extent of his or her injuries until days after the incident.

Many victims of slip-and-fall accidents are seniors and elderly people who may already have orthopedic problems to begin with. As Florida has more than its fair share of seniors as compared to the rest of the population, the potential for people to suffer injuries in slip-and-fall accidents is great. To avoid costly lawsuits, property and business owners should do all they can to ensure their premises are safe and welcoming for all.

What to do after a slip-and-fall

Although property and business owners should keep their premises safe, that does not mean that all will. If someone suffers serious injuries in a slip-and-fall accident that could have been prevented by proper maintenance or diligence, that person has the right to pursue compensation from the property owner through a civil lawsuit. A successfully navigated claim can lead to much-needed compensation to help with medical bills, lost wages and other expenses stemming from the accident.


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