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Common problems with tenants that could be grounds for eviction

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Landlord-Tenant Disputes |

Landlords often face various challenges with the individuals who live in their properties. In some cases, the problems are more than just annoyances or inconveniences, and the landlord may explore the possibility of evicting the tenant over his or her actions. A landlord must have valid grounds to evict a tenant, and he or she must be careful not to violate the tenant’s rights at any point. Landlord-tenant disputes and eviction matters have the potential to become complex legal issues. 

Issues with tenants that could be reason for concern 

A landlord will benefit from knowing when a problem is grounds for eviction and when to take other steps to resolve an ongoing matter. Common problems that are often reasons for concern for Florida landlords include: 

  • The tenant refuses to pay rent. 
  • The tenant lied on his or her screening application. 
  • The tenant violates the rules of the building or residence. 
  • The tenant is the source of issues with other tenants. 
  • The tenant intentionally causes damage or allows damage to occur. 
  • The tenant is illegally using the residence, such as subleasing it without permission. 

To lawfully evict a tenant, the landlord must provide notice and list a reason for the removal. 

The rights of landlords 

Florida landlords can face various challenges with their tenants that can cost them time and money. If considering eviction, it may be reasonable to discuss this option with an experienced attorney in order to understand the specific steps a landlord should take. Legal guidance can be beneficial when dealing with tenant rights and landlord-tenant disputes. 


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