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The function of a homeowner’s association in your community

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When you move into a new neighborhood, you may have to agree to the terms set by the community’s governing body. If you are the resident of a neighborhood that has a homeowner’s association, there are specific rules in place regarding the exterior look of your home, noise levels and more. The purpose of these organizations is to preserve the overall look of the community and protect home values, but it is important for Florida homeowners to understand the true extent of the HOA’s authority. 

It is not unusual for there to be disputes between homeowners and the HOA organizations that oversee the neighborhood. Homeowners may misunderstand the rules, or the HOA may overstep its authority and infringe upon the rights of the homeowners. It is in your interests to fully understand the contract that you are signing and what the HOA can regulate regarding what you can do with your personal property. 

A basic understanding of an HOA 

The board members of an HOA are individuals who live in the community and have an interest in the upkeep of the neighborhood. They enforce rules, oversee maintenance of the common areas and more. Some of the things that an HOA can oversee include the following areas: 

  • Exterior design choices, such as paint colors 
  • Upkeep of the community pool 
  • Landscaping of common areas 
  • Fining homeowners who do not follow the rules 

The extent of an HOA’s authority depends on the rules in place in the specific community. While some are quite strict, other HOAs may be lenient and have only a few rules that affect homeowners. If you do not comply with the community rules, you may face fines. However, you may feel that your HOA is overstepping its authority and unfairly fining you or forcing unreasonable rules on you. In this situation, you have the right to fight for your property interests. 

Navigating HOA concerns 

It is not easy to navigate complex disputes with your HOA. If you are currently in a dispute or unsure if you are experiencing a violation of your rights, it may be in your interests to seek guidance regarding the legal options available to you. Legal action against the HOA may be an appropriate way to put an end to unfair treatment and seek recompense for any damages you experienced as a result of the actions of the HOA. 


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