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Family sues VA, claiming wrongful death after man’s suicide

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Personal Injury, Wrongful Death |

Many people in this country dedicate their lives to military service. Unfortunately, they sometimes suffer long-term effects as a result of their sacrifice, often leaving them vulnerable to lifelong physical and mental health controls. Though there is an expectation that the VA will provide former military members in Florida and across the country with the care that they need, a recently filed wrongful death lawsuit claims that health care providers did not do enough to prevent their loved one’s death.

Reportedly, multiple deployments left the man suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Family members claim that after a series of setbacks, including the death of the 33-year-old man’s father-in-law, the recent loss of his job and a car accident, the man’s mental condition worsened. As such, he was admitted to a mental health unit at the VA.

Unfortunately, reports indicate that while under the VA’s care, the man committed suicide. An inspector’s report following the incident claimed that failings on the part of the facility contributed to his death, including cameras that did not work, lack of oversight and inconsistent policies. According to reports, the man’s death could have been prevented had the cameras been operational and monitored, for example.

The VA claims that changes have been made since the man’s death, but a representative for the family argues that although those changes are commendable, the facility still needs to be held responsible for the family’s loss. Unfortunately, the man’s wife and three children must now come to terms with the news of their unexpected loss — a loss that could have been preventable, according to court papers. While a successfully presented case will likely do little to lessen their grief, it could ensure that they can focus on their recovery knowing that their financial needs are met.


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