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Understanding how zoning works

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2021 | Real Estate Law |

Owning a specific piece of property in Florida does not necessarily mean that an individual can do whatever he or she wants with it. While the owner does have certain property rights, there are rules and regulations that can significantly limit certain actions. Zoning laws and designations will dictate what one can do with his or her property, and it is beneficial to understand zoning before purchasing property or moving forward with certain plans.  

Zoning and private property 

Zoning essentially dictates what one can do with a specific piece of property regarding development and how the land can be used. The intent of specific zoning designations is to protect the integrity of certain types of property. For example, zoning is what prevents a company from building a business in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Some of the specific type of zoning designations include: 

  • Commercial 
  • Industrial 
  • Agricultural 
  • Light commercial 
  • Light industrial 
  • Single-family residential 
  • Multi-unit residential 
  • Schools 

If a property owner believes a zoning designation is unfair or needlessly limits what he or she can do with rightfully owned private property, it may be possible to challenge its current designation. 

Concerns about property 

It may be helpful for a property owner to discuss concerns with an experienced real estate attorney. If there are complications regarding zoning, an experienced legal ally can provide guidance regarding how to proceed. Each Florida property owner will find it beneficial to understand how to protect his or her rights and how zoning designations could affect his or her plans.  


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