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Handling community association disputes

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You might be one of many Florida residents who live in a townhome, condominium or other community governed by a Homeowners Association. You probably already know that there are benefits as well as downsides to such arrangements. Numerous issues can spark HOA problems, which often involve more than one community resident. Knowing where to seek support is a key factor to resolving these problems. It is critical to have an understanding of applicable laws, as well as the terms of any contract you signed, or are considering signing, before taking action to resolve a disagreement. 

When legal problems arise with an HOA or community board, it can cause anger and frustration on both sides. Rather than acting “off the cuff,” it’s best to carefully review relevant documentation, including any agreements or contracts that were signed. It’s also a good idea to seek legal advice before trying to resolve a matter in court. An attorney knows how to defend your rights and protect your interests, especially if you believe an HOA has violated the terms of your agreement or otherwise acted beyond its authority. 

Some HOA or community association disputes can be settled out of court 

If one of your primary goals is to avoid confrontation, you can try mediation or arbitration as an alternate form of dispute resolution. These alternatives typically take place in a private and peaceful setting as opposed to a public courtroom. Asking an experienced real estate law attorney to advocate on your behalf or to facilitate mediation sessions is the best way to minimize stress and to find a fair solution in a timely manner. This can help you determine whether you can achieve a settlement through mediation or arbitration, or whether litigation might be necessary. 

Pilka Adams & Reed, PA, in Florida, provides strong legal support to clients facing HOA problems or other community association disputes. By scheduling an initial consultation, you benefit from having an experienced real estate law attorney review your case. The attorney can also make recommendations regarding which solution options are most viable in your circumstances and can speak and act on your behalf in court. Also, an attorney likely has litigated similar cases in the past, which provides a base of knowledge and experience that may be helpful in resolving your situation. 


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