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Don’t let your homeowner’s association dispute turn nasty

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | Condo, Townhome & HOA Disputes |

You and your homeowner’s association (HOA) have not been doing well together. You’re having constant disputes over issues that you think are unnecessary and frustrating.

You should keep in mind that being businesslike and cordial will help you in any dispute with your condo association or HOA, even if it makes you frustrated to think about the issues at hand.

In America, over 68 million people live in community associations, so around one in five Americans do have to follow rules and regulations that these organizations put together, whether they’re cooperatives, condos or HOAs. Conflicts can happen, even when an association is normally easy to work with. When that happens, you probably know that the odds are already against you.

Did you know that HOAs are controlled by the state?

Homeowners’ associations are controlled by state laws, as are co-ops and condo associations. If you’re involved in a dispute, the first thing to find out is if the association is following the law. If not, then you can file a claim for the violation of those laws and seek to have the association comply when moving forward.

Lawsuits can be complex, though, so it’s smart to handle conflict before it reaches that point. You can sit down with your attorney and the HOA or other association and talk through the situation. In many cases, these associations are willing to be fair and decent so long as you are willing to do the same.

Our site has more on HOA disputes and what you should do if you’re struggling with one.


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