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Florida truck accident seriously injuries 3

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Personal Injury |

When driving on an interstate, it is easy to get in an “autopilot” state of mind. Drivers often encounter the same conditions for miles on end, especially truck drivers who are traveling long distances. However, conditions can quickly change with almost no warning, making it necessary for drivers to pay close attention at all times. Unfortunately, three people were recently injured in a truck accident in Florida .

Police say they were called to the scene of the accident around 1 p.m. on a day in early June. According to reports, a 35-year-old male was driving a tractor-trailer in the northbound lanes of I-75. Unfortunately, reports indicate that the driver failed to notice slowing traffic ahead of him.

According to reports, the driver veered to the left, causing it to jackknife. The rear of the truck is said to have struck a sedan, pushing it into a guardrail. All three occupants of the sedan, a 26-year-old driver, and two passengers, ages 3 and 50, suffered serious injuries in the collision. The truck driver had only minor injuries and was cited for careless driving.

Even a single moment of inattention can have serious consequences. In fact, a truck accident such as this could result in the need for extensive medical treatment. Medical bills and lost wages often leave victims in Florida wondering how they will meet their financial obligations in the aftermath of such an incident. Because of the heavy financial burden these accidents can create, many victims choose to file a personal injury lawsuit when their injuries were the result of another’s negligence. An experienced attorney can help them identify their legal options and identify all responsible parties, potentially including a driver’s employer if commercial vehicles are involved.



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