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The challenges senior drivers face on Florida highways

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Giving up their drivers’ licenses and independence is likely one of the things every senior driver in Florida dreads. After many years of experience, most older drivers are cautious and responsible. However, with age comes limitations that typically impair safe driving ability. Being aware of potential age-related problems and their symptoms could help older drivers recognize and acknowledge limitations as they arrive and take precautions to keep themselves and others safe. Hearing, vision and compromised reaction times are typically the most prevalent challenges for senior drivers.

Impaired Hearing

As a part of the aging process, the responsible thing to do is go for scheduled medical checkups that include hearing tests. That will allow them to discuss options like hearing aids with the physician. Hearing is essential for drivers when hearing emergency vehicle sirens or car horns could mean the difference between life and death. 

Impaired vision

Along with hearing, vision loss happens, even to those who had 20/20 vision all their lives. However, it often goes unnoticed because the deterioration is slow. Regular vision checks are crucial for older drivers, and so is keeping prescriptions for corrective lenses updated. Other steps to take include changing wiper blades frequently and making sure the mirrors are wiped down. Turning down the dashboard lights when driving after dark is a good idea.

Impaired mobility and slowed reaction time

These two often go hand in hand. Physical limitations could jeopardize a driver’s ability to react with the necessary speed. Fortunately, senior drivers have access to various manners of mitigating mobility risks. These include modifications to vehicles and a variety of physical aids that could help older drivers overcome physical limitations. One more often overlooked danger is the effects of prescription medicines that could also cause slow reactions. Being proactive and mitigating potential age-related problems could allow senior drivers to continue driving for a few more years. However, they should not overlook the fact that they could be held liable for damages if they cause car accidents. Any accident they cause due to age-related negligence could give accident victims grounds to seek financial relief by filing personal injury lawsuits in a Florida civil court.


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