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Costly mistakes landlords want to avoid

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Landlord-Tenant Disputes |

Owning and managing rental property in Florida comes with various rights and responsibilities, and landlords will benefit from being diligent to understand how they can protect their interests. When landlords make legal mistakes, it can lead to a lawsuit, costing the property owner time and money to resolve. Common mistakes committed by landlords include a range of issues related to the violation of tenant rights and unfair rental practices.

Avoid the following

Landlords may protect themselves from legal complications and shield themselves from the risk of financial loss by avoiding the following common mistakes:

  • Asking discriminatory questions during the tenant screening process or acting in a discriminatory manner toward current residents
  • Failure to fix problems with the property and failure to provide a safe environment for tenants
  • Using illegal provisions in the rental agreement given to tenants to sign
  • Disregarding the tenant’s right to privacy while occupying the space
  • Keeping the security deposit without a valid reason to do so
  • Trying to evict a tenant unfairly

Any of these mistakes expose the landlord to the potential for a legal dispute and other complications.

Protecting property rights

A Florida landlord has certain property rights, and there are specific ways he or she can shield these interests while also respecting tenant rights. If a landlord has concerns regarding a specific issue he or she is facing or simply wants to know how to avoid common legal mistakes, knowledgeable legal guidance can be beneficial. An experienced real estate attorney can provide insight and support for property owners.


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