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Car crash in Florida claims 2 lives, injures 2

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Car Accidents |

When people ride in cars with others, they place considerable trust in the driver to get them safely to their destinations. If a driver acts negligently or recklessly behind the wheel, it puts all occupants of the car in danger, as well as others on the road. No one known exactly what caused a recent one-car accident in Florida, but the crash claimed the lives of two people and sent two others to the hospital.

Accident details

Around 6:15 during the morning of May 8, a vehicle, unidentified, was traveling along I-95 near I-595 in South Florida. For reasons yet to be determined, the car driver lost control and collided with a median barrier. Two of the occupants of the car were thrown from the vehicle, and officials pronounced them dead at the scene.

Two other occupants of the vehicle suffered life-threatening and incapacitating injuries in the crash. They were taken to local medical centers for treatment. No word was given in the report regarding their health status, and the accident is still under investigation.

Right to compensation

The report did not specify whether the driver was one of the ones killed in this one-car accident or was one of the occupants severely injured.  If the driver died and the evidence suggests that he or she was driving recklessly or negligently, the surviving family members of the deceased occupant may pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver’s estate, and those injured may pursue personal injury claims. If the driver was one of the one’s injured, he or she may be named directly in any wrongful death or personal injury claims brought by victims and surviving loved ones. Affected parties will want to work closely with an experienced personal injury attorney in Florida to help them successfully navigate their claims.


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