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Faulty tires cause thousands of accidents each year

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Tires are integral parts of any motor vehicle. They literally serve to keep a car rolling, and they help a driver maintain control on the road. When tires blow out or unravel because of manufacturing defects, the result can be catastrophic, and tire defects cause thousands of accidents each year in Florida and throughout the country. However, victims of car accidents caused by defective tires may have options for obtaining compensation from the tire manufacturers along with others in the supply chain.

Tire defect statistics

According to the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tire failure leads to around 11,000 vehicle accidents every year, and more than 33,000 vehicle accidents can be traced to some sort of tire issue. Tires eventually wear out, particularly if the driver racks up many miles throughout the year. Underinflation is also another problem, and drivers should get in the habit of checking their tires’ air pressure, treads and sidewalls to ensure their tires are in proper working order, particularly if they are driving in inclement or wintry weather.

Statistics also claim that around 2,000 tire-related accidents are from blowouts, and all tire-related accidents claim around 200 lives each year on average. Tire blowouts can happen for a number of reasons, including under and over-inflation, worn treads and sidewalls, and tire damage caused by debris, such as nails. Another reason is manufacturing defects with the tire itself that cause the tire to unravel or fail in some other way.

Preventing accidents and obtaining compensation

Although drivers should always check their tires and have a regular maintenance routine that involves tire rotation and proper inflation, drivers may have no way to identify manufacturing defects that could lead to catastrophic tire failure. Anyone in Florida who was hurt or lost a loved one in an accident caused by a defective tire should consult an experienced personal injury attorney for assistance. A lawyer can help a client determine the exact cause of the tire failure and serve as a zealous advocate to hold the manufacturer responsible and help a client obtain much-needed financial relief.


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