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4 most common causes of Florida car accidents

On Behalf of | May 30, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Florida has a mix of full-time residents, “snowbirds,” (people who come down from the north to live here in the winter) and tourists. Some drivers have a lot of experience navigating the state’s highways. Others have never driven here before visiting on vacation. Especially if a person is traveling near one of the coastal towns, there is always a lot of traffic, and several issues increase the risk of car accidents.  

If a collision occurs, seek medical attention right away. It is also important to determine if driver negligence was a causal factor in the incident. A recovering victim is entitled to seek restitution for damages by filing a personal injury claim in civil court, which typically occurs in this state because that is where the accident occurred. 

Causes of most car accidents  

There are up to four issues that are usually present moments before a motor vehicle collision occurs 

  • Traveling above posted speed limit or too fast for current road conditions 
  • Driving in inclement weather 
  • Being manually, cognitively or visually distracted at the wheel 
  • Driver impairment, such as intoxication  

Florida does not typically have icy roads or snowfall, but it is not uncommon for hurricanes and tropical storms and other inclement weather to occur. Any one of the listed causes places drivers, passengers and pedestrians at risk of an accident.  

Proving a personal injury claim in a civil court 

When car accidents occur and recovering victims file injury claims in a Florida court, they must submit evidence to prove their claim. It is best to seek legal consultation ahead of proceedings. An experienced attorney’s guidance increases the chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. 


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