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Estate planning steps that include provisions for pets

On Behalf of | May 7, 2023 | Estate Planning |

Animals of all kinds can be an important part of a Florida family, and it is important to consider what could happen to these family members in the future. The care of a pet is a critical consideration for a pet owner, particularly in the event that the pet owner passes away and leaves the animal in the care of another person. Through certain estate planning steps, it is possible to plan for the care and provision of pets for years to come. 

Establishing long-term care 

A trust is an estate planning tool that allows one to designate and set aside assets for a specific use, such as charitable giving, caring for a special needs loved one, or giving to a minor beneficiary. There are also pet trusts, tools that allow an owner to plan for the care and provision for his or her pet for years to come.  

Legally speaking, pets are property, and like other types of property, it is important to establish what will happen to them after the owner passes or becomes incapacitated. Through his or her estate plan, a pet owner can set aside money for the care of the pet, name a guardian for the animal and detail other types of instructions that are important. 

Facing the future with confidence 

It is never easy to plan for what happens after death. However, Florida pet owners may find it beneficial to ensure that their animal family members have care and support long into the future. These details and inclusions in an estate plan can provide peace of mind regarding the care of every member of the family.  


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