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Did medical negligence cause your child’s birth injuries?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2023 | Personal Injury |

A woman receiving prenatal care from a Florida obstetrician or midwife, entrusts her own safety and health, as well as her infant’s, to a medical team. There’s always a risk of birth injuries. However, such incidents shouldn’t occur because of medical negligence, although they often do. 

An OB-GYN must closely monitor a woman’s condition. Doctors, labor nurses, midwives, doulas and other childbirth professionals are trained to recognize potential problems that may place mom or baby at risk. A trained medical team knows what to do, for instance, if a woman’s labor is not progressing. 

Birth injuries are often caused by medical negligence 

There are several issues that may lead to birth injuries, which often can be averted if an OB-GYN and medical team take appropriate and timely action: 

  • Macrosomia: Baby’s head is too large to fit through birth canal. 
  • Maternal high blood pressure or diabetes: There’s an increased risk of eclampsia and stillbirth. 
  • Vacuum extraction or forceps: Incorrect usage can cause bruising, swelling, skull or facial fractures, and more. 
  • Prolonged labor: A C-section may be needed to keep mother and baby safe. 
  • Precipitous labor: Rapidly progressing labor can cause severe complications for a mother and infant. 

The average OB-GYN knows what to do if complications arise during labor or delivery. If a doctor fails to diagnose distress or doesn’t take appropriate action in a timely manner when a problem arises, mother or baby might suffer serious consequences. Substandard care often results in birth injuries. 

Restitution for damages that stem from medical negligence 

If a woman or her infant survives birth injuries caused by medical negligence, Florida law allows them to seek restitution. An infant who suffers a serious injury during the birthing process may need specialized care for his or her entire life. Parents should not have to endure financial distress from medical bills and other issues associated with birth injuries. The court can hold medical professionals accountable for negligence. 


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