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Issues that frequently arise with homeowners’ associations

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2023 | Condo, Townhome & HOA Disputes |

When you look for a home in a new community, you likely look at the state of the common areas, how residents keep up their homes and the overall look of the neighborhood. In many cases, the homeowners’ association is responsible for these things, and you may find that living in a community with a governing body has many benefits. However, there are times when living in a community with an HOA has its complications, and this could eventually impact your property rights and interests. 

There are many instances where HOAs overstep the bounds of their authority and infringe on the rights of homeowners. If you are having issues with the HOA in your neighborhood, you are not alone. You may find that it is necessary for you to take action through various legal means to protect your interests and seek the best possible outcome to your ongoing concerns. 

Fighting with the neighborhood HOA 

It is not uncommon for homeowners in residential communities to find themselves at odds with their neighborhood HOA. HOAs are comprised of volunteers from the community, and they are not perfect organizations. While they can accomplish a lot of positive things for a community, there are also times when they may do things that homeowners believe are over the line. Common issues with HOAs include: 

  • They enforce the rules on an inconsistent or irregular basis. 
  • The HOA does not communicate well with residents. 
  • The board makes decisions and take steps that are outside the bounds of its authority. 
  • There is pushback on rules regarding pets. 
  • The HOA is not properly maintaining common areas or fixing broken things. 
  • There are problems with how the group is using HOA funds. 
  • The HOA does not handle complaints appropriately or in a timely manner. 
  • The HOA levies fines that are unenforceable and unfair. 
  • There is reason to think bias or prejudice has played a role in some HOA decisions. 

If you believe that your HOA violated your rights in any way, you do not have to remain silent. You have the right to speak out about any mistreatment you experienced, including a violation of your property rights and more. It may be appropriate, in certain circumstances, to take legal action in order to seek justice, hold a Florida HOA accountable for illegal or inappropriate actions, and potentially secure damages. 


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