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What causes bruising behind ears after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2023 | Car Accidents |

The health of a victim who was injured in a Florida motor vehicle accident must be closely monitored in the days and weeks following the crash. In addition to obvious injuries, such as lacerations or a bone protruding from the skin, there may be internal injuries as well, some of which may produce external symptoms. In some cases, bruising occurs simply because part of the body hit a hard surface on impact. If a crescent-shaped bruise appears behind an ear, it can also signify a traumatic brain injury.

There are more than 20 bones in the human skull. The basilar skull area is located at the bottom of the head, near the neck. If a basilar skull fracture occurs in a car accident or from other blunt force trauma, a crescent-shaped bruise might form behind an ear. Medical professionals refer to this type of injury as a “Battle’s sign.” This is because Dr. William Henry Battle, an English physician, established the connection between this unique type of bruise and basilar skull fractures.

What causes Battle’s sign after a car accident?

If a basilar skull bone cracks, internal bleeding may occur. As blood leaks, it begins to pool. When it collects behind the ear, Battle’s sign appears. If there is a substantial amount of blood, the bruise associated with Battle’s sign might extend into the neck area. Such symptoms suggest brain trauma and must be carefully monitored.

Anyone who has suffered a basilar skull fracture in a Florida car accident might experience additional symptoms besides a Battle’s sign. These symptoms could include headache or dizziness, nausea and vomiting, confusion or memory trouble, incoherence or slurred speech, mood swings and loss of the sense of smell. If driver negligence caused the accident, a recovering victim may file a personal injury claim to pursue compensation for financial damages incurred.


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