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When HOA problems arise in Florida

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2023 | Condo, Townhome & HOA Disputes |

Many Florida residents live in condominiums, town homes and other types of retirement or family communities. Many of these neighborhoods require oversight from a governing body. Living in a community that is managed by a Homeowners Association (HOA) can be problematic if a unit owner and the Association become entangled in a dispute.

One of the most common issues leading to disagreements between homeowners and HOAs is unfair fees. This type of issue might involve rent or other fees such as building and property amenities. If left unresolved, minor issues can escalate into a full-blown legal dispute that necessitates litigation to resolve.

HOA membership is usually mandatory

Living in a community that is overseen by an HOA typically means that membership in the Association is mandatory for homeowners. It is critical to review contracts with a fine-tooth comb, meaning read the fine print and make sure all terminology is understood before signing anything. Issues regarding membership policies may spark legal trouble if a homeowner signs a document without reading it or without seeking clarification for terms or policies that he or she does not understand.

In the past, homeowners have sought legal assistance when an HOA has, in their view, overstepped its bounds. There have been disputes over things like the length of grass on a person’s lawn or where a truck is parked or what types of decorations can be displayed during the holidays. It is best to seek legal counsel rather than trying to go it alone in court when facing a dispute with a Florida HOA.


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