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Encouraging older parents to start the estate planning process

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Estate Planning |

It is not easy to discuss one’s own mortality. This is one reason why many adults avoid the subject of estate planning, and they may not assume that it is really necessary if they don’t have a significant amount of wealth or they are relatively healthy. This avoidance can result in adults reaching their golden years without any critical legal or financial plans in place. Adult children may need to encourage their Florida parents to create these important documents.

Don’t die without an estate plan

Dying without an estate plan can result in difficulties that can range from complications for heirs to state laws deciding what happens to estate assets. If adult children realize that their parents do not have these important plans in place, it is important that they encourage them to do so immediately. Otherwise, it is they, as the heirs and beneficiaries of the estate, who will have to pay the price.

Older adults do not have to be wealthy to benefit from having an estate plan. A will, trusts and other tools can allow them to have the final say over important matters, including their health care in case of incapacitation. Adult children may even feel that it is important to pay for their parents to discuss estate planning needs with an attorney.

Creating a plan that is effective

It is not easy to fully understand which estate planning tools are most important for an individual situation. It will be beneficial to discuss concerns with an experienced Florida estate law attorney to determine how to best move forward with a plan. An assessment of a specific estate, individual goals and other concerns can help individuals understand which steps they will need to take.


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