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Involving children in the creation of estate plans

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | Estate Planning |

It can be incredibly difficult to discuss one’s mortality and what will happen after death. While thinking about what will happen to personal property after passing is a sensitive issue to consider, it is important to plan for the future by creating a meaningful estate plan. When creating a long-term legal and financial strategy, it may be helpful to talk about these matters with children 

Why talk with the kids? 

Talking with young children about what will happen if their Florida parents pass away may not be a beneficial conversation to have. However, older kids and adult children may benefit from knowing their parents’ wishes and understanding their motivation behind certain decisions they made. This can also reduce disputes that may arise if there are any perceived discrepancies in a plan. 

This conversation will also allow parents to discuss things that may be important to their specific family dynamics. It is possible to address these things in a meaningful way that still allows parents to protect their privacy. While it can be uncomfortable to talk about these things, it can have significant benefits for the entire family. 

Creating a smart strategy 

It is not always easy to create a smart estate planning strategy that will benefit the entire family. It may be helpful to discuss these issues with an experienced Florida attorney who can provide insight into what estate planning tools will be most useful and how to have this conversation with loved ones. An assessment of one’s needs and interests will provide insight into the right approach for an estate plan. 


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