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Is another person liable for your personal injury?

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There is typically an inherent risk involved in many everyday activities. For example, while driving to and from work, you’re at risk of a collision. There may also be hazards in your workplace. There may also be a high risk involved in using certain products like toxic chemicals or power tools. In all cases, however, if a personal injury occurs because of another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to seek financial recovery for your losses in court.  

To do so, you must file a personal injury claim. You must also prove that certain elements existed that make the defendant financially responsible. The amount of compensation to which you may be entitled depends on several factors, including the severity of the injury. For instance, the maximum awarded to someone who sprained an ankle falling down a flight of wet stairs may be less than the award granted to someone who will spend the rest of their life in a wheelchair after being hit by a drunk driver.  

Types of personal injury claims you can file in civil court 

There are different types of claims you can file following a personal injury  

Premises liability: Property owner’s negligence caused your injuries 

Product liability: Injuries occurred due to normal use of a purchased product 

Motor vehicle accident: Another driver’s negligence caused the collision 

Medical malpractice: Injuries occurred in a medical environment or under medical care 

Wrongful death: Immediate family member’s death caused by  negligence of another party 

Experienced legal counsel is often the key to winning a personal injury claim in Florida. An attorney can help gather evidence and protect a client’s interests to ensure that compensation meets the maximum amount allowed by law.  

Begin by scheduling a consultation 

The best way to initiate a personal injury claim is to meet with an experienced Florida legal team. Pilka, Adams & Reed, P.A., provides support based on 30 years of experience. You can be confident that an aggressive approach will be taken to hold liable individuals accountable for actions that resulted in your injuries or the death of your loved one. 


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