Postnuptial agreements are beneficial for married couples

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2019 | Divorce & Family Law |

As someone who is already married, you may not think that there is anything you can do to protect yourself or your assets. You already live with your spouse, and what you earn together you use together.

However, it is a good idea to consider a postnuptial agreement if your spouse will agree to one. These agreements can help you in similar ways to a prenuptial agreement. It protects your individual assets and protects you against debts that your spouse may accrue over the course of your marriage. In fact, the prenuptial agreement can also help you both protect yourselves against retaliation or anger if a divorce ever does take place since you’ll establish your separation agreement ahead of time.

Agreeing to the terms of a separation may seem silly and unwarranted when you just got married, but it’s a great time to do it. You’re both kind to each other now, and you’re fair with one another. This is one of the best times to sit down and discuss what you’d want for each other if you did split up since you both have each other’s best interests at heart now.

Our site has more on postnuptial agreements and other arrangements you can make to protect yourself and your spouse if you decide to get a divorce later in life. With the right arrangements in place, you can reduce the time it takes to go through a divorce and significantly reduce the risk of a conflict that causes you to go through costly services like mediation or arbitration.