Skilled Auto Accident Litigators

When you suffer injuries in an accident caused by the carelessness or recklessness of another, you deserve fair compensation for your damaged health and property, medical expenses, and lost income. Sometimes the only way to achieve justice is through an auto accident lawsuit filed in one of the many Florida counties that we at Pilka & Associates serve.

The Steps To Take In An Auto Accident Lawsuit

The typical steps in an automobile accident lawsuit include the following:

  • The injured party (the plaintiff) finds an attorney to prepare and file a complaint against the other driver (the defendant).
  • Once the defendant receives the complaint, he or she contacts the insurance company, which will often provide a local automobile accident lawyer to defend their insured client.
  • The defense attorney files a response to the complaint and then waits until the discovery process begins.
  • Once the discovery process begins, the plaintiff is often asked to see doctors provided by the defense who will examine the plaintiff to determine the extent of his or her injuries.

The highly qualified and experienced attorneys of Pilka & Associates, P.A., are very familiar with this process — and know how to fight so that you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

The Discovery Period

Throughout the discovery period of an automobile accident lawsuit in Brandon, Lakeland and surrounding areas, the defendant's insurance company and the plaintiff negotiate to attempt settling the case and thus avoid the expense and time of a trial. In fact, the insurance company often attempts an early settlement for an amount far below what they believe the plaintiff could be awarded at trial.

  • While discovery is ongoing in an auto accident lawsuit in Florida, both the plaintiff and defendant may be called to testify during a deposition. This is when one of the people involved in the accident is asked questions intended to create a clearer image of what happened during the accident.
  • After the discovery period closes, both sides engage in another round of negotiating. This round can often prove to be more effective because all of the facts and evidence for trial are now known to both sides. An originally weak plaintiff's case may look strong now and vice versa.
  • Following this last round of negotiations in a car accident lawsuit, there will be the trial. The length of a trial varies from case to case. Finally, the trial concludes and a judge or jury determines if the defendant is liable for the injuries of the plaintiff.

Most Brandon, Lakeland and surrounding counties auto accident lawsuits follow the same path until an unexpected or unusual fact is discovered. This unexpected piece of information can be what determines the urgency for a settlement by either party in hopes of avoiding a negative outcome to a Florida automobile accident lawsuit.

A Legal Adviser You Can Trust

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