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What You Can Expect In A Florida DUI Case

Being charged with a DUI in Florida is a serious matter. Whether you were charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible. At Pilka Adams & Reed, P.A., attorney James Adams represents people charged with drunk driving offenses. He has many years of experience with DUI cases and is a fierce advocate for his clients. You can rely on his skill and determination in protecting your rights, your license and your future.

In general, the steps in a DUI case begin with the following actions:

  • The police pull you over and question you.
  • The officer asks you to perform field sobriety tests.
  • The officer asks you to take a breath test on a portable breath test machine.
  • The officer arrests you and takes you to the police station.
  • The officer administers a breath test on an Intoxilyzer 8000.
  • The officer or other staff gives you a blood test.
  • The officer takes your driver’s license and suspends your driving privileges.

If you requested an administrative hearing with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, you will attend this hearing with your attorney. This is separate from the criminal portion of your case but is a crucial step in restoring your driving privileges with a hardship license. This hearing may also allow your attorney to question the officer, which may help your defense in the criminal case against you.

Your attorney will investigate the state’s case, thoroughly examining it for violations of your constitutional rights. If they find evidence of this or other mitigating factors, they will argue to have the charges reduced or the case dismissed.

When this is not possible, they will discuss taking your case to trial or accepting a plea bargain. Attorney Adams will explain the risks and benefits of each decision as well as the potential penalties you will face.

Each case is unique, and its course will depend on the specific actions of the police, the evidence against you and other factors.

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