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Preparing For Your First Meeting With A Probate Attorney

The practice of estate planning and probate law is a highly specialized field. It requires an attorney with the specific knowledge of probate filings and estate administration.

The requirements for a probate filing and the court demands can try the patience of even the most experienced probate lawyers in Florida. At Pilka Adams & Reed, P.A., we have provided thoughtful solutions for individuals and families going through probate for more than 30 years.

If you are preparing to speak with a probate attorney, we recommend asking the following questions during your first meeting.

What Size Estates Have You Probated Or Accounted For Previously?

Some attorneys have only probated very large estates that reached into the tens of millions of dollars. These attorneys are often not aware of the different requirements of probating a smaller estate. In addition, they are likely unaware of less expensive options available under the probate process.

Similarly, an attorney who only handles smaller estates may struggle to resolve the numerous complexities that high-asset estates bring. Our attorneys have broad experience working with estates of all sizes, so you can be sure we know how best to guide you.

How Do I Know You Care About Me?

Many attorneys may be able to push your case through the probate process and reach the ultimate goal of distributing the estate assets. However, the method your lawyer follows can make the process smoother for you.

An attorney who approaches an estate with a soft touch and who can compassionately walk you through the estate as you and your family mourn can provide a better experience than one who simply makes the filings and then moves onto the next case. Often the mark of a good attorney is the level of sensitivity brought to the subject.

We have developed a sense of urgency that helps move estates through the probate process. All the while, our firm will treat you and the estate with the compassion you need. We recognize your need to move the process along while respectfully fulfilling the last wishes of your loved one.

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